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Gallagher Lake Rock Slide

On January 25, 2016 a significant rock slide occurred at Gallagher Lake which impacted the siphon and flume which provides irrigation water to the Town of Oliver, Electoral Area C (rural Oliver) and Osoyoos Indian Band.  The Town of Oliver engaged engineers to assess the damage and works necessary to ensure operations in early April for the provision of water to the vast agricultural properties.

March 4 - Information

March 4 - News Release No. 1

March 14 - Information

March 24 - Information

April 1 - Information

April 14 - Irrigation Open Date Confirmed

June 3, 2016

Town Staff and the Town’s Engineering Consultant (TRUE) met with our hired Geotechnical Engineer (Golder Associates) and Rock Scaling company (T & A Rock Scaling) to discuss the mountain that caused the rockslide damage at Gallagher. It was deemed un-safe to work under in certain conditions and could require further rock scaling but also cause further damage of the canal siphon. It was also deemed an un-stable mountainside that could require over $1.2 million in rock scaling alone to make the working area below safe for machinery and workers. There were still no guarantees that the scaling would help enough in the end and that the Town may want to start looking at other options.

Council has given staff $30,000 to look into various options (five) of fixing, replacing or re-routing the damaged canal with the help of other Engineering Consultants and Professionals. This resolution passed on August 8, 2016. TRUE Consulting with the help of other Engineer Professionals will look at various options in more detail so the Town of Oliver can make a better decision and look for a partner (Provincial & Federal) to help fund some of these costs. The options range from $4 million to $10.5 million at initial estimates.


August 23, 2016

Town Council and Staff met with the Minister of Agriculture, Norm Letnick, at the Town’s Council chamber to discuss what has happened to the damage canal, what has been done, implications of damages, future fixes and costs. Mr. Letnick encourage the Town to look at future fixes and costs and approach the Ministry and government again at the coming UBCM Convention held on September 26 – 30 with the most recent info they have.