2019 Irrigation Season Ends Tuesday, October 8, 2019
If you require irrigation after October 8, you must apply for late irrigation, please fill out a Late Irrigation Request and return to Public Works no later than Tuesday, October 8, 2019, to avoid an additional turn on fee. 

The Town of Oliver operates an extensive rural and municipal water system serving domestic water to approximately 2,255 residential, 247 industrial/commercial customers and irrigation water to over 585 agriculture connections which equate to irrigating over 3,900 acres of farm land and 175 acres of non-farm land.

Water is supplied from a combination of groundwater and surface water sources and varies with demand during different seasons. For more information on different components of Oliver's water system and to read the latest on water quality discussions, please follow the links on bottom of this page.

The Water Utility is operated as a single, self-sufficient entity. Although the rural and municipal water systems do run somewhat independently, their costs and expenses are pooled in a single fund. Major past projects, mostly related to the irrigation supply system, have been jointly shared by all water users. The Water Fund has used a combination of reserves and grant money for upgrades and improvements to the water system. A majority of the spending started taking place from the first Twinning (PH 1) project which started in 2007.

Source Water Assessment and Protection Plan:

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Source Water Assessment Report 2015

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Water Regulation Bylaw 1351 (consolidated December 11, 2017)

2018 Water Report

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