Smart Growth on the Ground

Smart Growth on the Ground: Greater Oliver Concept Plan

Smart Growth on the Ground - a cutting-edge, community-based program to create sustainable neighbourhoods and towns.     

Smart Growth on the Ground (SGOG) is a program of the Design Centre for Sustainability at UBC, the Real Estate Institute of BC, and Smart Growth BC. SGOG includes several key components: a charrette process with significant public input, the creation of a smart growth plan, an economic analysis of the plan, research to answer questions about sustainability, and implementation. Implementation refers to a concerted focus on action: activities such as bylaw changes and demonstration projects that will ensure that smart growth occurs “on the ground.” 

The Greater Oliver Concept Plan presents the results of the Smart Growth on the Ground initiative; a collaborative process to plan for sustainable development in the Town of Oliver and Electoral Area 'C' of the Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS).  Specifically, the Concept Plan articulates the recommendations made at a multi-stakeholder charrette (design event) that took place in May 2006.

At a series of public events between November 2005 and February 2006, community members defined their priorities and desired direction for the future of the region.  At the charrette, representatives from the Town of Oliver, RDOS, the public and other key organizations translated those priorities and directions into a detailed design concept.

The Concept Plan presents this design concept, which consists of a comprehensive set of recommendations for the year 2041.  Recommendations address land use and design strategies for both the Town of Oliver and the surrounding rural area, along with circulation within the entire region.  

The vision for Oliver strives to:

  • emphasize the value of an integrated planning and management strategy for the Town and Regional District;
  • reinforce the role of the Town as the primary focus for development;
  • maintain the primacy of agriculture in the rural area; and,
  • retain the small Town and rural character of the area.

The Concept Plan is not intended as a regulatory document.  Rather, this document outlines the application of sustainability principles in the Oliver region.  The Concept Plan illustrates how future development can be managed in the Oliver region in order to meet the longterm goals and targets of the community.

Today, the Concept Plan is used to guide policy, planning and design decisions within the Town.