The Cannabis Act

The Cannabis Act

Please refer to the Town of Oliver's Smoke Free Bylaw 1375 for regulations and Towns Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 1378 for fines if found in offense of Smoke Free Bylaw 1375.

Business Licencing for Retail Cannabis

Anyone wishing to pursue a non-medical cannabis business will need to ensure they adhere to the regulations within zoning bylaws as well as applicable provincial regulations. The retail sale of cannabis is prohibited in all zones, except for the Town Centre (TC) and Highway Commercial (C2) Zone. Applications for Retail Cannabis must be submitted through the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB). LCRB regulates British Columbia's liquor industries and private retail non-medical cannabis industries.

For Business Licencing for Retail Sales of Cannabis click here.

The legalization and regulation of Cannabis

On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act came into force.

It puts in place a new, strict framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada.

The Cannabis Act will:

  • prevent youth from accessing cannabis
  • displace the illegal cannabis market

Protecting the health and safety of youth is a top priority. Be aware that the Cannabis Act establishes serious criminal penalties for those who sell or provide cannabis to youth. It also establishes a new offence and strict penalties for those who use youth to commit a cannabis offence.

In addition, the Act also prohibits:

  • products that are appealing to youth
  • packaging or labelling cannabis in a way that makes it appealing to youth
  • selling cannabis through self-service displays or vending machines
  • promoting cannabis that could entice young people to use cannabis, except in narrow circumstances where it will not be seen by a young person

Laws in your area

Each province and territory will have the ability to set its own rules for cannabis, including:

  • legal minimum age
  • where you can buy it
  • where you can use it
  • how much you can possess

You must respect the laws of the province, territory or Indigenous community you are in, whether you are a visitor or live there.

Individual municipalities may also pass bylaws to regulate the use of cannabis locally. Check your municipality for local information.

It is illegal now and will remain illegal to take any amount of cannabis across Canada's international borders.

Adult possession of cannabis

Store cannabis securely and away from children and youth.

The Cannabis Act protects public health and safety by:

  • setting rules for adults to access quality-controlled cannabis
  • creating a new, tightly regulated supply chain

Adults who are 18 years or older (depending on province or territory) are able to:

  • possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public
  • share up to 30 grams with other adults
  • purchase cannabis products from a provincial or territorial retailer
  • grow up to 4 plants per residence (not per person) for personal use from licensed seeds or seedlings

Possession, production and distribution, and sale outside of what the law allows remain illegal and subject to criminal penalties, ranging from ticketing up to a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

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